Previous Events

EliteMeet 2017 – Bristol

In the main hall we had Oculus Rift (CV1’s) and Vive virtual reality experiences for you to try out.  There was also a number of commanders own gaming stations with Elite:Dangerous and other games for attendees to try out. To help commanders break the ice there were many other social games to try including modern card and board games for you to enjoy and a bar where people could just sit and chat with other commanders over lunch or a beer.

We also had a starship bridge set up using Artemis where teams of commanders vied to be victorious and obtain the title of best multi crew.

Our two chosen charities at this event Special Effect and Hearing Dogs both received over £1,000 raised  by the commanders attending the event. This was through surplus attendance funds and one the the Elite Dangerous communities infamous raffles. Check out our About Page for more information on and links to these charities.

EliteMeet 2016 – Glasgow

Here is a video for you to see how 2016’s EliteMeet in Glasgow went.

EliteMeet 2015 – Birmingham

The first event arranged by the current EliteMeet team.

EliteMeet 2013 – Manchester

The first non group aligned event created by a bunch of people following the warm fuzzy glow felt at the first large Elite fan convention and to combat that post-Con feeling of loss.