The Bungalow – Pics

So we went to scout out the venue room and especially the bungalow accomodation and man, here are some piccies..

The Twin Room

twin room Bungalow

twin room Bungalow 2

The Single Room
single room bungalow 3

single room bungalow 4

single room bungalow

Double + Single Room
Double + Single room Bungalow

Double + Single room Bungalow 2

The Sitting Room
sitting area - Living Room Bungalow

Sofa Bungalow - Sitting Area

The Kitchen

kitchen bungalow

The Patio
Patio Area - Bungalow

Shared Bathroom

bathroom bungalow

This ‘ere website

Just to advise a few of the menus moved and renamed. Underneath latest news you will see updates on who’s attending and whats going to be on hand.

Don’t forget to let us know what you might be bringing too. Later once things are more locked down we will have a schedule of key events.

The Hotel

The Rooms
Redhurst Hotel: Executive Suite
Redhurst Hotel: Twin Room
Redhurst Hotel: Executive Suite
The public bar – and where you will most likely eat dinner.
Redhurst Hotel: Restaurant

Redhurst Hotel: Restaurant

Redhurst Hotel: Bar

The Main Function Room – with its own bar.
Image result for redhurst large function room


EliteMeet 2016

Venue Found

The Redhurst in Giffnock just off Eastwoodmains Road. Beautiful room.