Last Chance To Buy Tickets!


Last chance Ticket Sales.
Sales close today (March 29th) at 12 Midnight BST.

Don’t end up like these guys.


Menus, Deadlines and Squee!


Menus are now up on the website here for your perusal.


Less than a week of ticket sales left! Ticket sales will close midnight BST on Wednesday the 29th of March.


We now have over 120 tickets sold for the event and are almost at our maximum of 85 diners in the evening.

Go on get your tickets and come along to the one of the greatest social gatherings for Elite:Dangerous players this year. It’s so near I can almost hear it and it sounds like Squee! :)

Over 100 convention tickets now sold!

Meet With Over 100 CMDRs!


Come and join other members of the Elite:Dangerous community at what is going to be the biggest EliteMeet so far.

Over 100 convention day tickets now sold.

Email Confirmation Problems Fixed!

It appears we had an issue with a number of SPAM scoring agencies (mainly Gmail) due to the way our email server was configured. This applied to user registrations, password resets and ticket sale confirmations.

We have now corrected this issue and later today will resend all EliteMeet Bristol ticket confirmations for users with Gmail accounts.

Please be aware that emails from may still be directed to your Gmail SPAM folder. Please check the folder and click on ‘Report as Not SPAM’ to move the email into your main mailbox and help raise our sites reputation in Gmail.

Elite Meet Forum Sig

Frontier Attendance Confirmed and Provisional Timetable Now Available

Frontiers Ed Lewis

We are very pleased to announce Frontier representation at our event. Ed Lewis our beloved community liaison and all round sound bloke will be in attendance. There may be more Frontier news to come so keep your eyes on our various channels.

Provisional Timetable

There is a provisional timetable that is now available. The timetable contains details on the various distractions on offer to help break the ice and get you talking with your fellow commanders. You will find the timetable here or on the the EliteMeet Bristol link in the navigation menu.

** Tickets Now On Sale **

Elite Meet Forum SigThey are Here!


Grab your event and (optional) dinner tickets now!

EliteMeet April 2017 Room Booking is now LIVE!

Room bookings at the Bristol Grand Hotel using our promo code GAMERMEETING (via telephone booking only +44 (0)871 376 9042) are now LIVE!

VV That’s All So Last Year VV

The Countdown Has Started


EliteMeet April 2017 booking will launch in the next couple of days.

Keep your scanners trained right here. 

Can I Land my Python at the event?

On first glance it looks unlikely that a python would be a suitable vehicle to come in, however;

elitemeet glasgow

You can see clearly in this pic that infact there is room for one.

elitemeet glasgow 2

Thanks Ian Baristan for the awesome images

The Venue – Main Hall

It is a large space, comfortable and warm, lots of room for us to stretch out and use, please do let us know if you have anything you want to bring that may require a more tailored area for it.


the venue

shiny disco ball

Lan and Artemis Area

more bar

our bar