Holo-Me Holo-You AHA! – Submissions

Use the Holo-Me Holo-You template below. Right click on the image below and select 'Save Image As' to download it to your computer.
Holo Form Final 2

Please read the instructions below.
Entries that do not comply will be deleted.

First of all take a selfie.


Then use the Elite:Dangerous Beta Holo-Me to create yourself in-game.


Download the Holo-Me Holo-You template using the instructions at the top of this page.

Holo Form Final 2

Use your favorite image editor to cut your head shots from your Holo-Me and your Selfie

Galactic InternEds Head

Then using the Holo-Me Holo-You template paste in your two head shots.
Put your Holo-Me on the left and your Selfie on the right.
(complete the name fields by adding some text)


This final image is then ready to upload as your competition entry.

Upload your completed Holo-Me Holo-You template:*
Commander Name:*
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