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The Bungalow – Pics

So we went to scout out the venue room and especially the bungalow accomodation and man, here are some piccies..

The Twin Room

twin room Bungalow

twin room Bungalow 2

The Single Room
single room bungalow 3

single room bungalow 4

single room bungalow

Double + Single Room
Double + Single room Bungalow

Double + Single room Bungalow 2

The Sitting Room
sitting area - Living Room Bungalow

Sofa Bungalow - Sitting Area

The Kitchen

kitchen bungalow

The Patio
Patio Area - Bungalow

Shared Bathroom

bathroom bungalow

The Hotel

The Rooms
Redhurst Hotel: Executive Suite
Redhurst Hotel: Twin Room
Redhurst Hotel: Executive Suite
The public bar – and where you will most likely eat dinner.
Redhurst Hotel: Restaurant

Redhurst Hotel: Restaurant

Redhurst Hotel: Bar

The Main Function Room – with its own bar.
Image result for redhurst large function room


EliteMeet 2016

Venue Found

The Redhurst in Giffnock just off Eastwoodmains Road. Beautiful room.