About EliteMeet


First of all we wish you a very warm welcome to the home page of  the EliteMeet team. Here you can find out all about EliteMeet, who we are and our goals.

We are a group of people who have met through the community around the video game Elite:Dangerous and through those contacts have developed new friendships. Following our own experiences in developing these new friendships we decided we would like create a way we could help others do the same. Therefore we have created EliteMeet in order to develop events where people from solo players to groups of in game friends can meet in a relaxing environment, learn more about the game and have fun in the real world.

To this end you will find links to events set up by this team, and in future we will be looking to create guides and tools here for those of you that would like to create your own similar events wherever you are in the world.

If you would like to keep up with our events then why not follow our Facebook Page.

Our Chosen Charities

As a non-profit group we donate any left over funds after events to our two chosen charities.

Special Effect is an organisation that seeks to help those who have challenges accessing gaming due to physical disabilities. They work with people to identify and use existing technologies and design new solutions that can help those individuals get the same pleasure as most of us do from the gaming world.

Hearing Dogs obtains, trains and homes Hearing Assistance dogs with those that would most benefit from a companion that can alert them to various aural queues that most of us take for granted. They Assist with audible alerts such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, mobile phone alerts etc. Not only do they assist with these alerts but they also provide real companionship as well.

Hutton Orbital Radio

Hutton orbital radio is the brain child of the Hutton Orbital Radio Truckers and is an example of one of many community projects.

That’s the station playing now (if you have your audio turned up) via the widget below.

Enjoy your stay here.
Right On Commander! o7